Your Travel Diary to Know Best Time To Visit Mussoorie

Holidaying is a trend and passion in India and people look for places according to time and weather. For instance, Runn of Kutch gets most of its visitors in Feb- April, and October to December whereas Ooty finds its tourists in April- July. But, there are certain places which can be visited at any time of year and Mussoorie is one of them.

If you’re planning to visit Mussoorie, you don’t need to see the clock. What you need to do is, pack your bags and book your tickets for the beautiful holidaying destination. Mussoorie is also known as “Queen of Hills” located in Garhwal Himalayan region.

The divine beauty of Mussoorie has welcomed tourists from not only India but across the world. This is why; you may find numbers of foreign tourists along with Indian ones. Who doesn’t like tranquil hills releasing pleasant wind that soothes the body and its soul? The unadulterated weather drives people to stay for maximum vacation time.

If you are planning to visit the hill station of Uttrakhand, here are some suggestions for you regarding the best time to visit Mussoorie

Summer (March to June)

You may have heard about “English Summer”, but the weather of the city is no lesser attractive than the English one. The summer of the city remains ultimately pleasant and you would really relax out there. As there are rocks, the temperature may rise above 350C, but that won’t make you disappointed. This would be the best time to play adventure sports. The scenic beauty of the city is extremely enjoyable and the sunrises and sunsets will drive you crazy. You will definitely like to visit the hill station again and again.

March to June is relatively the best time to visit the city and therefore, you would really find a huge crowd in and around the city.

Monsoon (July to mid-September)

Do you watch movies?

Have you seen the lead actors cuddling each other in the beautiful valleys?

The romantic scenes are orchestrated in places like Mussoorie.

The tourist destination offers favorable reasons for couples to visit during Monsoon i.e. preferably July to mid-September. You would really the rainy weather attractive and pleasant and go for a long walk through the hills.

But, if you are visiting this place between July to mid-September, there could be adverse situations like landslides. But this rarely happens as the government takes care of such things so that tourists don’t have to cancel their plans.

If you want to taste this misty and serene hill station, the Monsoon would be a great time to visit. But, you may not find adventure sports at this time as there get canceled due to the reasons of safety.

If you are a Monsoon lover, then this will surely be the best time to visit Mussoorie.

Winters (October to February)

Although, Mussoorie is a hill station the winters is the time to watch. You would really have fun in the winters as the land gets covered in shiny snow. The snowy appearance increases the beauty of the place to many folds.

However, the temperature stoops down to 1 to 20C and even below. So, if you are not tolerant of that temperature, try to avoid the tour.

But if you love skiing on the land of snow, you are always welcome. The adventure sports will really thrill and excite you. Plus, you will have breathtaking sights and that would not be available during the rest of the year.

You will surely love the vibes of the tranquil hills and pleasant weather.

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