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Free Parking to Keep your Vehicles Safe

Free Parking to Keep your Vehicles Safe


Parking for their car is one of the biggest problem visitors to Mussoorie face. Our free Parking provides one of the most important solution for a great stress free holiday. A Holiday should be filled with lots of happy memories and pleasurable moments. The daily life in the Metros is filled with stress and when on a family vacation the one thing that everybody wants is to be stress free. Coming to stay in the beautiful Queen of the Hills, Mussoorie is a great way to get the body mind and soul recharged. Nature heals and provides rejuvenation

But these days travellers to all Hill stations face Parking Problems. Sun n Snow Mussoorie provides the perfect solution, a Free Parking to our dear valuable guests. Our guests drive up right to our property and park their cars safely in our on property parking

Most other hotel guests have to find parking space which is difficult and time consuming to find. Public parking are very expensive in far off places. Then guests drag their luggage to their hotels which is not the perfect start to the holiday after a long tiring trip. Those who do not find Parking space often leave their valuable cars on the road side at the mercy of other drivers and risk having the police pick up their cars and tow them away.

But our guests get Royal Treatment. They just need to arrive and our dedicated enthusiastic staff rushes to welcome them and brings their luggage to their rooms. Zero hassle. The precious cars are parked in safe legal space. And when going sightseeing, all our guests have to do is walk out of the lobby to their vehicles and drive off.